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107寒假住宿申請公告107 Winter Boarding Application Announcement

107-1 Dorm Check Out


       For winter boarding application and winter camps application, the 107-1 Dorm Check regulations are as follows:

  1. The dorm closing time for 107-1 semester is January 14, 2019 (Mon.) 12:00. The boarding students of the four dorms must complete the check out procedure before noon on January 14(Mon.). (If the winter boarding students need to put their articles from 12-17, they could put them into the room after asking the counter staff. Do not put valuable items.)
  1. Deposit items: Please print out the Checking Items Form and label it on the checking-in items and go to the dorm counter for check in process. Each person is limited to three carton boxes regardless of the size. Please pack the items neatly. Food, bulk items, or use garbage bags for packing are not accepted. Dorm Service Unit only provide a place to put the articles and is not liable for custody. Please take your valuable items with you. The dorm is not open for taking personal belongings in the middle of the winter vacation. Please claim your items after school opens.
  1. Please claim the checking-in items before February 15, 2019 (Fri.) 17:00. If the articles are not claimed pass due, they will be deposed as unattended items.
  1. During winter vacation, all the rooms in all the dorms must be “vacated”. You can put personal things in wardrobe, but it need to be locked.
  1. When leaving, please make sure to turn off the faucet, power, and lock the windows, open the shades, close the door without locking.
  1. All dorm open hours (107-2) - February 16,2019 (Sat.) 8:00.

                                                                                                                                                     Residential Colleges and Housing Services Section, November 30, 2018

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