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108學年度住宿申請 On-Campus Housing Application



On-Campus Housing Application

For student housing application for academic year 2018(Fall 2018: September2018 to January2019 and Spring 2019: February 2019 to June 2019), please following the steps as below :

1.   Please printing Dormitory request form from the Student Housing Service Section-Downloads-Dormitory Application  Download . <Website: >

2.  Application time:  March 14 AM 9:00,2018~ March 28 PM17:00,2018

3.   If you cancels your room halfway, the deposit fund will be detained($1,000 NTD), and according to regulation of school, accommodating charge will be subtracted.(If you apply 107-1 Dormitory, the deposit fund will be detained)

4.   Hand over Unit : Student Housing Service Section


If you want to live in Dormitory next two semesters. (One year dorm application) 107-1( September 2018~January 2019)/107-2(February 2019~June 2019).


Please apply for it “now”. (March 14 AM 9:00,2018~ March 28 PM17:00,2018)


And if you are going to live just for 107-1 semester or you are going to graduate in 107-1 semester, you need to apply for moving-out around January 2019.

For those who are going to graduate in 106-2 semester (This semester), please apply for moving-out before you leave dorm. (June~August 2018)

Overdue will not be accepted.




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