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  • What should I do if I am both a dorm inhabit and a rapid-test positive?


  • If I am a residential student, also a confirmed case, how can I live in the school's nursing dormitory?


  • After 2023/3/20.  If I am a residential student, also a confirmed case, when can l come back the school's dormitory?

    After completing the 0+5 self-quarantine, from the 7th day onwards, regardless of whether the rapid test result is negative or positive, as long as they are asymptomatic, they can return to the school dormitory.
    Students who live in the school’s nursing dormitory are advised to stay until the rapid test is negative before returning to the original dormitory.
    You can go to class on the seventh day.

  • How can I get to the quarantine dorm (summit hall 4F-6F)?


  • What do I need to prepare for living in an isolation dormitory?

    Please prepare:
    1. Bedding
    2. Personal hygiene products (toilet paper, change of clothes, toiletries, etc.)
    3. Electronics (charging equipment, etc.)
    4. Other personal supplies
    5. Student ID card
    6. Confirmed patients need to prepare positive rapid screening reagents for online consultation

    ♦ When entering the isolation dormitory, please scan the qrcode to join the isolation dormitory group.
    The qrcode is located on
    (1) the right hand side of the elevator entering the isolated dormitory.
    (2) on the door glass when exiting the elevator.
    (3) the wall outside the isolated room area.

  • What regulations should be followed in the isolation dormitory?

    Those who live in the quarantine dormitory should abide by the epidemic prevention regulations. During the quarantine period,
    they should not leave their area or enter the room of other home care or home quarantine persons, which may cause a breach in epidemic prevention. Please cooperate.
    If it is found that those who do not abide by the rules will be handled according to the dormitory rules, they will be moved out of the isolation dormitory immediately.
    Relevant precautions can be viewed in the notebook in the isolation dormitory group after moving to the isolation dormitory. Thank you.

  • I just entered Taiwan, what should I do with the quarantine policy?


  • What is a COVID-19 reinfection?

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