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Gender Friendly

Gender Equity Education Act Article 12 Paragraph1
The school shall provide a gender-fair learning environment, respect and give due consideration to students, faculty, and staff with different gender, gender temperaments, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Moreover, it shall establish a safe campus environment.

Zero tolerance for peeping and filming! Students are reminded not to violate the law! If you observe any suspicious incidents, please report to the School Security Center immediately! School Security Center 24-hour hotline: 0919-555445

Contact information of Asia University Gender Equality Education Committee, URL:

In order to promote a gender-friendly environment, the university provides a wide range of physiological products in the dormitory to support the diverse needs of the campus in a practical way.

Transgender students may consult about the dorm to the contact.  (+886-4-23323456 ext.3261; email:

The contact of gender related questions, incident notification, and complaints:
   School Safety Center 24-hour hotline: +886-919555445
   Complaint acceptance - Student Affairs Office: +886-4-23323456 ext. 3201 Ms. Chuang
   Gender Equality Education Committee: +886-4-23323456 ext. 1056 Mr. Lai