111-2 Semester Dormitory Move Out Announcement

  • 2023-05-30
  • Shiou-Yih Hu
I. Definition of Leaving and Withdrawing
Item Leaving Withdrawing
112-1 Semester renewal Yes No
End of semester item depositing Yes No

II. Cautions
Item Content
Move out period 1.Students must leave the dormitory before 2023/06/19 12:00 pm. Violations will be punished according to the "Asia University Guidelines for Dormitory Living Norms and Implementation" or " Asia University Students' Award and Disciplinary Rules".
2.If you apply for withdrawal after 2023/09/02, you will be required to pay the corresponding amount of dormitory fee in accordance with the " Asia University Guidelines for Student Accommodation Application and Management".
Depositing period 1.End on 2023/06/18 12:00 pm, only the designated area will be open at the end of the semester for students to drop off three boxes of items.
2.Items should be picked up during the first week of school.
Parent access time 2023/06/17~06/18 08:00~17:00
Contact Dorm If you have any questions, please contact floor leader or dormitory counter. (04)2332-3456#6524(Gratitude Hall), 6527(Blessing Hall), 6528(Dreamweaver Hall), 6525(Summit Hall).

※Note for checkout inspection:
1. The main parts to be inspected are: the door, the bathroom, the bed, under the desk, the space between the bed and the bookcase, bookcases, low cabinets and closets must be cleaned and completely emptied. Please make an appointment with your Floor Leader or the dormitory staff to inspect the room. (See attached file for criteria for inspecting rooms.)
2. The dormitory staff will conduct a full inspection after the dormitory has been emptied. If there are any dirty, leftover items or unattended garbage in the common areas of the room or bathrooms, the dormitory staff will take a "full room deposit".

※Notes on Parking Fees in the Museum of Modern Art and the Gymnasium:
1. According to the General Affairs Office's email of 2023/03/29, vehicles entering the parking lots of the Museum of Modern Art and the Gymnasium are free of charge for 20 minutes before admission, and will be charged according to the announced amount. (Standard fee: NT$20/hour on weekdays and NT$30/hour on holidays)
2.During the period of 2023/06/10~06/19, vehicles entering the parking lot of the Museum of Modern Art and the Gymnasium for moving can obtain a Proof Card from the counter of Dreamweaver Hall and hand it over to the guards when you leave; if it happens that the guards are out on patrol, you must go to the counter of Dreamweaver Hall for assistance.

1.The dormitory will be open from 2023/09/02~09/17 for the 112th academic year.
2. 2023/09/02~09/03 will be implemented for move-in triage.
3. Detailed information on "Notes on dormitory for the First Semester of the 112th Academic Year" will be announced on the website of the Housing Services Section on 2023/08/04.
4. If you apply for summer dormitory, first you can check your bed number of summer dormitory, and then ask the counter of Summit Hall to the bed  between 2023/06/17 15:00 and 2023/06/19 11:00 (not open from 20:00 to 08:00 the next day), if it is available, you can move in earlier. If the bed is not available, you must check in after 12:00 on 06/19 and pick up your room key after 17:00 on the same day.

Asia University - Residential Colleges and Housing Services Section 2023/05/30