112 Academic Years Online On-Campus Housing Application Draw Lots Result (2023/04/24 Update)

  • 2023-04-21
  • Shiou-Yih Hu
!!! Please do not use your mobile phone to open the PDF file to do the search. Please use Ctrl+F on the computer to search for the student ID number. !!!

1.The draw lots results for the 112 academic year are shown in the file.

2. If the residential student is deducted more than 15 points and doesn't complete the residential service on time in the 111 academic year, will be disqualified for the 112 academic year.

3. Approved students should pay the deposit on time. Students who have already paid the deposit for the 111 academic year don't need to pay again. Housing Services Section will announce the list of students for the 112 academic year on 2023/05/10(Wed) 15:00.

4. The deadline for paying the deposit is 2023/4/24(Mon) 15:00 ~ 4/28(Fri) 15:00, should report to the Housing Service Section during school office hours.

5. If you want to waive your status as an approved student, fill in the Google form from 2023/4/24(Mon) 15:00 ~ 4/28(Fri) 15:00. If you submit your waiver after the deadline, the NT$1,000 deposit will be deducted according to the regulations.
*Google Form URL: https://forms.gle/fD7riLs39ThEHjeT7

6. 2023/04/24Announcement Update:
"112 Academic Year Online On-Campus Housing Application Draw Lots Result" not including overdue students.
Dormitory beds for overdue students will be arranged one week before the start of the 112-1 semester at the latest. If you cannot wait, please rent an off-campus house first.