Notification of the 112-1 Housing for Waiting Students (2023/08/22 new)

  • 2023-08-22
  • Shiou-Yih Hu
The waiting students are qualified for housing.
Female: No.541~585

1.The Housing Services Section will only be notified by message and student’s E-mail for the waiting students. (No phone call.)
2.Please fill out the form as soon as possible to give up or confirm:
(Deadline is 08/23 17:00, overdue will be considered as automatic abandonment.)
3.Reserve beds will be opened to 20 Blessing Hall beds and 20 Summit Hall beds, and will be replaced in reserve order.
4.These beds will not be posted on the 08/23 bed list and are expected to be posted separately on 08/25.

※For any other questions, Please send an email to