【Upcoming Events】(SDGs 11)   Dormitory Earthquake Disaster Drill and Safety Promotion (2023/11/07 update)

  • 2023-10-13
  • J小編

Activity ❶ Disaster Prevention Knowledge Mock Test
National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior Disaster Prevention Knowledge Mock Test how good you are at preventing disasters at home! Participate in this activity and you will have a chance to take home an Ipad from the National Fire Agency. Additionally, those who complete the certificate upload from 10/16-10/30 will have a chance to win a gift from Housing Services Section!
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Activity ❷ Tips for electrical safety in Dormitories

Electrical fires have always been the number one cause of fires in buildings, and the causes of electrical fires are also very much related to bad electrical habits that can cause fires or electrical shocks. Therefore, it is very important to use electricity safely and have it inspected regularly!

From 2023/11/01 to 11/13, please visit the Housing Services Section's Google form to answer questions and upload your certificate for a chance to win a gift from Housing Services Section!
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Activity ❸ Dormitory Earthquake Drill
The Dormitory Earthquake Drill will be held on 2023/11/14.
According to the 19th article of the Student Dormitory Housing Registration and Management Guidelines, the dormitory residents are obligated to participate the precaution disaster and evacuation drill, no one can be absent without aproper cause. Non-participants will not be allowed to apply for dormitory for the following academic year. 

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All Residence students are required to attend the Dormitory Earthquake Disaster Drill on 2023/11/14(Tue.) 17:30~18:30.

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1.According to the 19th point of the “Asia University Guidelines for Student Accommodation Application and Management”, every residential member shall participate in the disaster and evacuation drill by the Housing Services Section. Non-attendees will not be allowed to apply for the dormitory for the next academic year.
2.When implementing the "Three steps for keeping safe", take 2~3 photos of each other (key in the room number) and submit them to the floor leader.
3.The student card or ARC will be required for headcount checks. Be sure to check the success of the roll call yourself.
4.Non-attendees will be given a chance for remedy by watching the video and answering the questions, and those with a score of 80 or more can deemed to participate in the exercise. Details will be announced on the Housing Services Section website on 2023/11/15 15:00.